tic® is a simple and elegant way to permanently fasten shirt buttons, without using needle and thread.

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How tic® works

tic® lets you fastens shirt buttons without having to use a needle and thread. No need to sew, simple and elegant.

Take one clip from your tic® box.
1) Carefully press the point spikes through the underside of your shirt fabric.
2) Place your shirt button over the spikes, and close the clip until it makes a firm click.
3) Hold the button still, and rotate the clip around the button until it falls off.


After reattaching your shirt button with tic® you can just use and wash your garment as usual.

tic® is produced in Sweden and made of high quality recyclable plastic. It’s simple and durable and fastens shirt buttons permanently. Having a shirt button come loose often happens at the worst possible time. Like when it’s important to look neat or when you have no time to spare. With tic® in your briefcase, suitcase, handbag, manbag, travel pack or ‘sewing’ kit then your problem is solved.
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We, the Tic Sweden company, market, design and produce tic®. Our innovation driven business came about after industrial designer, Karolina Räntfors, tamed three dragons in the Swedish version of BBC success show Dragons Den. We have created tic® as one in a series of many Swedish innovations that are spread across the world. In fact we designed and developed tic® to make it easier for people to reattach a loose shirt button. We aim to make peoples everyday life a bit more simpler and work towards a vision of tic® becoming the most preferred method for fastening a shirt button, regardless of who’s doing it or where in the world it occurs. tic® is a Swedish product and result of creative product development and meticulous production optimisation. Our intellectual property protection such as patents and trademarks ensures opportunities to meet the needs of a large, worldwide market with long-term sustainability.

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Frequently asked questions

Does tic® fasten all button types?
We created tic® you to fasten almost all shirt buttons in a straightforward, simple and elegant way. tic® is designed to attach shirt buttons of varied thickness, up to 4.2 mm. The holes in a shirt button usually sit in the same place. Buttonhole width is the same on nearly all shirt buttons. To fasten four-holed buttons use two tic clips.

Will tic® fasten my shirt button permanently?
tic® is designed to fasten your shirt button permanently. It is simple to use, and saves much time compared to using traditional needle-and-thread.

Can tic® fasten shirt buttons to all fabrics types?
We have developed tic® so it may fasten shirt buttons to a wide range of fabric. During the products development phase (2010-2012) we tested it meticulously. It was successfully proven to fasten shirt buttons to mid-weight and light cotton, linen, denim, ramie, and wool, polyester and blended polyester/cotton fabric. tic® can also fasten shirt buttons to some, but not all, heavy fabrics. If you have a shirt made of heavy fabric and wonder whether tic® will attach a button to it, contact us! We’ll organise a series of tests for you.

When I use tic® will it make ugly holes or tears in my shirt?
No. The small spikes are designed to be kind to your shirt fabric. When pressed through the fabric they leave marks no larger or uglier than a traditional needle and thread.

What is the product made of? And where is it produced?
tic® is produced in Sweden and made of high quality recyclable plastic.

How does tic work?
The product consists of two parts. One part has two tiny spikes that are pushed through the fabric and buttonholes. The parts are then pinched together, and the clip rotated back-and-forth until it falls off. After reattaching the shirt button just wear and wash your shirt as usual. tic® is an elegant way to permanently fasten shirt buttons without using needle and thread. It’s very straightforward to use and allows you to fasten the button quickly. We encourage you to now view the short video and, if still curious, visit the How tic® works page.

Is it patented?
Yes. Our intellectual property protection ensures opportunities to securely meet the needs of a large worldwide market, with long-term sustainability. tic® is a registered trademark of Tic Sverige AB.

Can I get tic® in different colours?
At present we offer tic® in white and black. During the later part of 2013 we plan to release tic® in more colours.

What happens if I’ve purchased tic® and the product breaks?
tic® is a high quality product and result of meticulous product development and production optimisation. It is seldom the product malfunctions or breaks. If however you experience problems please contact us directly. We will gladly help resolve the issue. Contact

Where can I get more information about tic® and the Tic Sweden company?
Further information and regular updates are available via the Tic Sweden company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. If you have further questions our partner in Australia will answer them. They welcome your contact. Contact

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